Proud to help during the pandemic


When it became clear in March 2020 that a lack of protective gear was likely to put the lives of caregivers and civilians at risk in the United States as the coronavirus began to spread, we realized that Greater Pacific could help.

We quickly mobilized our employees and suppliers to change our 25-year promotional products focus to import top-quality face masks, hand sanitizer, thermometers, gowns and more.

Since mid-March, Greater Pacific has sourced, project managed and imported millions of protective masks, thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and hundreds of thousands of FDA-certified isolation gowns and other scarce supplies to be used across the country. As the crisis continues, more supplies are on the way.

“This is not easy to do in such a short time,” said Greater Pacific Founder Ben Zhang. “Our people have been working nonstop. They are laboring seven days a week and enduring many sleepless nights to make this happen.”

Safety and integrity are central to all we do, and in this case that is especially important. Our employees in Asia have traveled thousands of miles to vet factories and gear, and to ensure we were importing the best-quality products. Our staff in the United States have reviewed every order against our high standards. Greater Pacific has advanced funds and absorbed unusually high costs to get supplies into needy hands quickly.

Knowing that care providers can support patients more safely because of our efforts makes it all worthwhile. We are honored to be able to help by addressing critical supply shortages during this time of crisis.

“Our goal is simple,” Zhang said. “It’s saving American lives.”

Greater Pacific is proud and honored to be able to source much-needed protective gear during the pandemic. Our goal is simple: to save American lives.