Greater Pacific South 


Chris Ritchie

Chris Ritchie is Greater Pacific’s San Diego General Manager.

Chris has worked for Greater Pacific for many years, and he’s now taken on the exciting task of kick-starting and managing sales at Greater China South. While it’s been a busy time getting everything off the ground, he’s excited for what lies ahead:

How will Greater Pacific South better serve our customers?

Chris: A few years back, I was working very closely with a local client of ours, and I would work out of their office one to two days per week. The synergy and communication that we had together was much better than we were having with other clients, so I wanted to duplicate that in other markets. Our business is service-driven, so if we can operate closer to our clients, we can offer even more of what our competitors can’t.

Is San Diego the company's primary target for expansion?

Philadelphia was our first, and that branch opened last year. We saw exciting success for that office, and then decided that California was next. We were already working with many clients in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego areas, so we decided that was a good starting point. Plus, Long Beach is a main port for us, and we want someone close to the goods that are coming through. We always want to stay close to the product to ensure our quality is top-notch.

Tell us a little bit about what the process has been like launching Greater Pacific South.

We spend a lot of time up front making sure the communication and support levels were prepared for expansion. Our offices have been fine-tuning and expanding to plan for this over for over the past year, and now we have the support structure to accommodate both satellite offices. That was the first phase, and probably the most challenging. Finding and setting up the office space has been the easy stuff. My wife and three kids had to relocate with me – but they’re adapting well to the SoCal lifestyle!

What are you most excited for in the coming months?

I am most excited to get to know our client base down here in SoCal. I feel like Greater Pacific has so much to offer our clients and very few really tap into all of the resources we can offer them. With some work, we should be able to grow our partnerships with clients and be true extensions of their Company. If we do all of that successfully, we can help grow our clients’ businesses and make them more profitable. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about what’s happening in San Diego, and what Greater Pacific can do to help you bring your ideas to life!