Greater Pacific-Always Customer First!


2020 has been a challenging year for our industry with Covid 19 changing the way many of us do business. At Greater Pacific (formerly Greater China) we have stayed client centric from day 1 of the crisis. Our customer, Halo, entrusted us with a 5mm piece 3-ply mask project during the height of the crisis in April. Key to this project was that the first 3mm masks had to deliver to the end customer in Dallas by May 9th, drop dead. At Greater Pacific, a Top 50 Supplier, we understand the importance of relationship building, both with our clients and our vendors to make things happen. When the first 3mm masks were ready at the factory we received bad news that there were no flights to be found. At the tip of the crisis, airlines simply did not have enough flights available to handle all the PPE that was flowing to the need here in the USA. At first the forwarder quoted weeks. This would not do for our customer and the May 9th in hands. Greater Pacific President and CEO, Ben Zhang and Project Manager Selena Cai, worked tirelessly with the forwarder and direct with the airline to procure a flight that would fly from Taiwan to Dallas in 48 hours. At first the airline declined saying this flight was committed to another customer of theirs. Greater Pacific negotiated back and forth and offered additional fees to the airline, Evergreen International, directly to make this happen. After a couple long days and nights of negotiation and strength of relationship ties, Ben and Selena were able to persuade the airline to agree to prioritize our shipment over the other for the Taiwan to Dallas flight. In the end, flight landed Dallas May 7th, cleared customs that day and delivered May 8th, one day early! Halo was ecstatic!

Matthew Holbrook