Initial Product Discussion: Bring your concept or product idea to Greater Pacific to discuss key elements. What is the function of the product? How will it be used and what is the desired timeline? A clear understanding of the product nature will help us offer you suggestions and alternatives to save time, improve function, enhance manufacturing capability, and reap import savings.

Determine Key Product Specifications: In addition to objective details like price, description, quantity and delivery time, our team of Import Executives wants to make sure we understand the subjective aspects of your project as well. What is the function of the product, intended uses and your overall expectations for look, feel, function, quality and delivery? Success is in understanding the details!

Factory Capability Assessment: A major benefit of working with Greater Pacific is our two decades of manufacturing and importing experience. During this time we’ve built a strong partnership with a number of core vendors in several product categories. We work closely with these vendor partners to determine which has the best manufacturing competencies to make your project a reality. This important behind the scenes step is critical, as proper “fit” for your project up front is the most important contributor to on-time delivery of quality product.

Product Safety and CPSIA Compliance Assessment: Laws and regulations for children’s products, product safety and compliance are changing almost daily. Part of the value Greater Pacific brings is we have a Director of Product Safety and Compliance that reviews EVERY project we undertake to ensure all products we deliver are safe and compliant with applicable regulations. In addition to Greater Pacific’s internal QC team on the ground in Asia, we work with a number of independent testing labs. These independent partners provide certified testing results for lead and phthalate content as well as any applicable safety and compliance requirements. Greater Pacific will guide you through the testing process with a specific plan for your specific project.

Detailed Quotation within 24 to 48 hours: Greater Pacific provides a detailed written quotation for every project request outlining price, product description, sample and production timing, logistics and customs services. In addition, packaging, payment terms, and pertinent details to getting your project delivered timely and accurately are included.

Purchase Order: Your purchase order to Greater Pacific should always outline key elements of your project: price, product description, quantity ordered, delivery address and in-hands date. In addition, no purchase order is confirmed by Greater Pacific until you provide camera ready artwork (AI or EPS format with fonts outlined) and deposit or agreed financials per your terms.

Purchase Order Confirmation and Internal Kick-off Meeting: Once we have the three elements above, a written Purchase Order Confirmation (POC) will be issued to you within 24 hours outlining our understanding of the project. This is our exclusive "Spec Sheet" detailing ALL aspects of the project scope: product, decoration, description, packaging, carton mark information, payment terms, testing requirements and delivery dates. You will be asked to review this document carefully, sign and return. This document ensures everyone is "on the same page" in terms of project details and expectations. We also utilize the signed document at our internal Kick-off Meeting as a benchmark for the project. Here we draft preliminary time-lines for samples and production, review testing protocols and timing, assess potential project risk factors, develop proactive solutions for them and plan out the most effective logistical schedule, given the nature and delivery requirements for the order.

Pre-Production Sample: Greater Pacific provides a physical PP sample with every project. This is a "hands-on" review of your project to make sure all details and decoration are correct. Detailed e-photos are provided in advance of the physical sample and samples are previewed by our Asia inspection team for accuracy before they are sent out for your review.

Sample Approval: Upon receipt of your product sample you will be provided with a written "Production Authorization" form. This form allows you to approve the sample “as is”, “with changes” or request a new sample with updates. No production begins before your written approval of the sample is received. This step is integral in reducing your risk that product will be produced incorrectly.

1st Inspection: Once the PP sample is approved by you for production, Greater Pacific's Asia based inspection team go to the factory to review all materials, product components, and factory production plans to insure they meet or exceed the requirements/quality of the pp sample.

Full Production: Greater Pacific manages this critical step via our bilingual, manufacturing trained production staff and on-site teams through out Asia to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.

Freight Booking: Greater Pacific's logistics team uses several freight forwarder partners to provide seamless transport of your freight. Vessel bookings are made in advance with our network of freight forwarder partners to guarantee a seamless, timely movement of shipments.

Final Inspection: Every project is inspected by our Greater Pacific QC team before any goods leave the factory. Final production must meet or exceed our strict quality control standards for product and decoration. Finished goods are reviewed on the factory floor and written inspection reports with pictures are created before goods are released for delivery to the forwarder.

China Port Delivery: Once orders complete production, we oversee the transport of goods from the factory floor to the port of departure. Our logistics team ensures all bills of lading, packing slips and required documentation is correct and in place. Greater Pacific is C-TPAT certified for supply chain security; our commitment to the safety and integrity of your order.

US Port Delivery and Customs Clearance: Our experienced brokers coordinate customs clearance documentation in-house. This saves time, cost and delays dealing with outside contract brokers. Customs paperwork is prepared in advance and every detail is covered to create a smooth, seamless move through US Customs.

Delivery: Greater Pacific’s logistics team is second to none! Whether you prefer picking goods up on your own, FOB China, at US port, or have Greater Pacific deliver to door, we make it happen. We arrange palletization and inland transport through our network of reliable carriers as needed, offer recommendations for drop shipment and fulfillment services and provide tracking capability upon request.

Delivery Confirmation: We understand you want to know when your freight is delivered so you can follow-up with confidence. Greater Pacific provides both verbal and written proof of delivery (POD) upon request.

Final Billing: Once goods leave port you are provided with a final invoice, outlining final costs for product, freight, and any requested services. Regardless of your payment terms, invoices are generated in advance to give you time to review and invoice your client as well.

Product Guarantee: Greater Pacific values our client partners. Your success is important to us. This is why we offer a 30-day written product guarantee that your order will be right or we will make it right at our expense. In the rare event that something still goes wrong with your order, even with all the safeguards we have in place, count on us to get it corrected. Greater Pacific will work with you to develop options to make the situation right.

Satisfaction Survey: We value your opinion and the quality of your import experience! Our goal is to provide The Ultimate Importing Experience so you can focus on selling and growing your business. This is why we follow-up with a survey so you can provide feedback and help us to continue to service you better.

Successfully importing from Asia requires a trusted partner who knows how to get things done.